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One Set of Rules

Our competitive program offers an all-optional program with different skill and level requirements for each of the fourteen (14) skill levels for women and ten (10) levels for men.  It is designed to combine all levels of competitive gymnastics into one program – Beginner-Skill Level 1 to College Bound-Skill Level 10

One Goal

To keep the business of gymnastics strong by providing a fun, safe environment for all levels of athletes, both men and women.

One Set of Deductions

Utilizing one program for each level of competition allows for one set of deductions over the fourteen (14) women’s levels offered and one set of deductions for the ten (10) levels for men. Having deductions based on the requirements of each level will streamline the coaching and judging process.

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Child abuse and neglect are preventable. Certain factors may affect the risk of child abuse and neglect. We must understand and address the factors that put people at risk for or protect them from violence. We all benefit when children have safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments. CDC developed a resource to help communities use the best available evidence to prevent child abuse and neglect. This resource is available in English and Spanish and can impact individual behaviors and relationships, family, community, and societal factors that influence risk and protective factors for child abuse and neglect.

Emotional abuse refers to behaviors that harm a child’s self-worth or emotional well-being. Examples include name-calling, shaming, rejecting, withholding love, and threatening.

Different types of abuse and violence are connected and often share root causes. Child abuse and neglect are linked to other forms of violence through shared risk and protective factors. Addressing and preventing one form of violence may have an impact on preventing other forms of violence.

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Mackenzie Meyer

Level DN  Cypress Pointe Gymnastics – LA

Q: What is your favorite memory?

A: Getting awarded 2nd place on beam as a level 8 at the 2022 NGA nationals, earning myself a place on the national premier team, and attending the NGA camp in Tennessee and meeting more gymnasts in the country that also worked as hard as they could to get there. I loved seeing the dedication other people put into this sport.

Natalie Gallman

Level PN  Cypress Pointe Gymnastics – LA

Q: What is your favorite memory?

A: My favorite memory is making the National Team and attending National Team Camp in 2021. I really enjoyed hanging out with my teammates at the camp.

Bethany Young

Level DN  Carolina Elite Gymnastics Academy – NC

Bethany will be going to Community College while coaching gymnastics.

Sabrina Hornung

Level PN  Bella Rose Gymnastics – IN

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: Sabrina started gymnastics late in relation to many gymnasts.  Her most memorable moment was in 2018, her first year of competitive gymnastics.  She won all-around in the  state meet that year in Gold!

She has always loved the sport and has been a dedicated gymnast!

Sophia Carvalho

Level 6N  Rising Star Gymnastics – CA

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: During my gymnastics career I enjoyed  hanging out with my friends and watching them gain new skills.  We had so much fun competing and dancing to each others routines.  I was super excited to get my giant this year. I am looking forward to attending UC San Diego, exploring the town and figuring out my academic pathway.

Montana Langille

Level 7N  Penobscot Valley Gymnastics –  ME

Montana is a talented gymnast and valued coach at Penobscot Valley School of Gymnastics. She has dedicated many hours in the gym this year and has finally found her love for bars! Montana is known for her rocking and energetic floor routines. She is a mentor to her younger teammates and loved by her coaches. She will be pursuing an education abroad next year in London, England— majoring is psychology. She will be so missed, but we look forward to her visits and her PVSG family will continue to be her biggest fans!

Amy Spencer

Level 7N  Penobscot Valley Gymnastics – ME

Amy Spencer is an accomplished level seven gymnast at Penobscot Valley School of Gymnastics. Amy is known in our gym for her exceptional positive attitude, and caring nature. She is also known for her sporadic karaoke sessions in the gym. Amy is a valued coach at Penobscot Valley Gymnastics and loved by her little gymnast. Amy will continue her education at a four year nursing program in the fall and continue to work as a MA. In addition, she will continue her love for gymnastics as a coach at PVSG. Thank you Amy for always being able to put a smile on our faces!

Tamira Gary

Level 10N  GAC – IN

Tamira will be attending Ball State University, majoring in Information Technology.

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: My favorite moment in gymnastics was when I was selected to go back stage with Olympian Gymnasts Laurie Hernandez and sit on stage with her during her interview while visiting indianapolis, IN.

Hailey Gaither

Level 8N  Spirit Gymnastics – FL

Hailey will be attending Francis Marion University on an athletic scholarship for Acro & Tumbling while pursuing a nursing degree.

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: I have so many! My favorite would have to be competing my floor routine and seeing my teammates laugh and enjoy while doing it with me, seeing them look up to me means so much, or the slumber parties at hotels for meets exclamation!

Harmony Szaldak

Level PN  Renaissance Gymnastics Academy – RI

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: Harmony’s favorite memories are of her teammates and all the times they have spent together, in and out of the gym. The sleepovers, ice cream trips, and all the workouts! Love you guys!

Gabriella Kaminski

Level DN  Legacy Elite – NC

Gabriella has committed to Baylor University on an athletic scholarship in Acro & Tumbling.

Samantha Smith

Level DN  Top Flight – IN

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: Helping coach the “littles” during the 2022 NGA Nationals.


Level 10N  Legacy Elite – NC

Paige will continue her gymnastics, competing for the University of Wisconsin – Lacrosse. She has also received an academic scholarship and will be majoring in Exercise Science.


Level DN  Tumble Time Gymnastics – CA

Reagan is currently undecided on what her future education and sports plans will be.

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: Getting my first ever… 1st place on vault in San Diego—what a thrill!

Deborah Baudoin

Level 10N  Gymnastics Unlimited – LA

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: 2021 NGA National All-Around champion

Josie Hollingsworth

Level DN  OSEGA Dream Academy – NC

Josie will be headed to UNC Charloette for their Engineering program.

Josie Sutter

Level 9N  OSEGA Dream Academy – NC

Josie will be headed to Baylor University on a scholarship for their Acrobatics & Tumbling team.

Landy Mancho

Level 7N  Jill’s Gymnastics – LA

Laney will be attending Louisiana Tech in the fall and majoring in elementary education.

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: Spirit week the last week of summer, lock-ins at the gym and an adventurous hike we found on the way to Nationals Camp 2022.

Maleah Tanner

Level 7N  Tri-State Gymnastics – IN

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: Last year I was out for an injury for three months and I was able to come back three weeks before nationals. I competed at nationals in Orlando, I got my personal high score, and I won national champion on vault!

Abby Trevino

Level 8N  Rising Star Gymnastics – CA

Arwen Kurz

Level DN  Airborne Gymnastics Academy – TN

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: While competing in the Laurie Hernandez championships this year, I competed one of my best floor routines and everyone in the arena was cheering for me and it felt surreal.

Wrigley Barcelli

Level DN  Platinum Gymnastics – IN

Wrigley will be attending the University of Southern Indiana to join the cheerleading team and major in Sports Management.

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: When I was super sick at Level 3 state meet and fell about 6 times.

Samantha Smith

Level DN  Top Flight Gymnastics – IN

Samantha will be attending Indiana University, studying Early Childhood Education.

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: Nationals 2022. I got to be there for the whole week and help coach my younger teammates before competing at the end of the week. 

Adison Giesler

Level PN  Odon gymnastics Academy – IN

Adison will be attending Ball State University, majoring in Zoology with a concentration in Animal Behavior.

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: Bars has always been one of my challenging events. When I was younger, I did not want to jump to high bar so the bars were close enough for me to jump to a front support. The one time my team went to the Circle of Stars meet in Indianapolis, I was pleasantly surprised to win bars for my age group.

Genevieve Fritz

Level 7N  Finger Lakes Gymnastics Center – NY

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: The gym has been a second home to me for a long time. It is a place where I get to show up differently than I do anywhere else. My teammates will attest that, while I am still responsible, nerdy Genevieve who listens to “music with instruments”, I am also pretty silly and goofy when I’m in the gym. It is a place that I’ve always felt free to let my hair down (not literally of course, that would be a mess) and party hardy. It is also where I learned much of what I know about just being a human. The hard work, accountability, and perseverance that this sport takes is insane. And after doing it for so many years, those things have been ingrained into my character and personality.

Cristell Nicole James

Level 8N  Pacific Edge Sports Academy – CA

Cristell will be attending community college for two years so she can continue coaching at the gym. Then she plans on transferring to a UC, majoring in Psychology and maybe minoring in ASL.

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: I have so many fond memories from gymnastics! Either getting my front toss on beam or any team bonding events are my favorite.

Abbie Lain

Level 10N  Fusion Gymnastics – IN

Abbie plans on attending Simpson College in Iowa for pre-dental studies. Recruited member of the Simpson Women’s Gymnastics Team.

*Merit – The Presidential Scholarship

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: I have so many great memories! One of my favorite memories was being the last competitor on floor at my level 5 state meet and sticking all of my tumbling passes. I ended up as the state champion on floor! My other favorite memory is when I was state champion on beam in level 9. I was so surprised – I had the meet of my life that day.

Jalynn Simcoe

Level 7N  United Gymnastics – IN

Jalynn is planning on attending Huntington University after graduation.

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: Competing at meets with all her teammates over the years. Each year holds special memories.

Sapna Gupta

Level 6N  Henrietta – NY

Sapna is currently undecided.

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: After I had surgery for a broken elbow, I did not think I would be able to return to gymnastics. The next year, standing on the podium at states was amazing!

Emily Salmonds

Level 6N  MCA Gymnastics – NY

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: My favorite gymnastics memories are all the fun things that happen during practice – mooing at the cows during beam, playing volleyball on floor, snack time in the parking lot, team parties, Anita’s slippers, and team bonding at Darien Lake. 

Oscar Stringham

Level PN  MCA Gymnastics – NY

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: My favorite moments are being with my friends at the gym.  I will miss telling everyone stories during my beam routine, Dorito pants, Shanae the alligator, and link tag.

Olivia Tobias

Level 5N  MCA Gymnastics – NY

Q: What is your favorite gymnastics memory?

A: The first time I got to pick out my own floor music and get my own floor routine was the best!I loved that floor music so much and competing it was awesome!

Kyla Speredelozzi

Level PN  New Generation Gymnastics – RI

Kyla will be attending Norwich University in Vermont, studying Architecture and minoring in Fine Arts & Sculpture.

Brooke O'Donnell

Level DN  New Generation Gymnastics – RI

Brooke will be attending the Honors college at the University of Rhode Island studying Pre-Med to one day be a physician’s assistant.

Olivia Pelletier

Level DN  New Generation Gymnastics – RI

Olivia will be attending the University of Rhode Island double majoring in Accounting & Finance on a pathway to working with the stock market.

Kayden Poteat

Level PN  Faulkner’s Elite – NC

Kayden Poteat is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She has trained under Coach Mich for 11 years at Faulkner’s Elite in Graham, North Carolina. Kayden has a twin brother who will be enlisting into the military and her older brother currently works in the service industry. Kayden plans to attend Elon University in Burlington, North Carolina in the fall and major in history. During college, Kayden plans to continue training in the sport of gymnastics and coach at Faulkner’s Elite.

Brady Rodriquez

Level 5N  LUGA – CA

After graduation Brady plans on attending 2 year school with plans to become an ASL Interpreter.

Q: Favorite gymnastics memory?

A: Through my time as a gymnast I’ve had to learn through many challenges. Ive had to struggle through being autistic and partially blind. This season I also had to persevere through the death of my dad. Through it all I’ve kept learning and growing as a person and a gymnast. It’s hard to choose just one memorable moment because I’m proud of how far I’ve come and all I have accomplished. However, I’d have to say winning my first 1st place AA is probably at the top of my list. 


GymACT (Gymnastics Association of College Teams) helps create, grow, and maintain collegiate men’s gymnastics programs.

GymACT’s purpose is to foster the growth of collegiate men’s gymnastics; currently, there are 15 teams in GymACT—these teams are all unique in their own way but have many similarities in how they function.

GymACT is a non-profit organization with a board of directors, officers, and other supportive members.

Who is Eligible

During our path of creating GymACT, three (3) different types emerged:

1. On-Campus, School Affiliated—Trains on-campus, usually part of campus recreation department—a student-run organization

2. Off-Campus, School Affiliated—Trains off-campus, usually part of campus recreation department—a student-run organization

3. United Teams—Gymnasts attending area colleges—unaffiliated with a school

Although each team may be different, an important commonality is each is associated with or has it’s own 501(c)(3). 

Parents & Guardians, Athletes

If you or your men’s gymnastics athlete would like more information on GymAct, use the contact form for direct communication.


Office Hours

M-F: 10:00am – 3:00pm est


Mailing address

PO Box 29078
Indianapolis, IN 46229

Main Phone

(317) 794-0642


(317) 794-0638
[email protected]

Women’s Program

(317) 794-0644
[email protected]

Men’s Program

(317) 794-0646
[email protected]


(317) 794-0647
[email protected]


(317) 538-1409
[email protected]

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