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Senior Recognition

Senior Recognition

As a gymnast, you understand how hard and diligent you have worked to achieve in your beloved sport, gymnastics.

NGA recognizes each year, the graduating Men and Women Seniors of our organization. First, yeah!—you made it through high school! Now on to your chosen field of study at a higher education facility, a technical school, or the military.

Please complete the “Senior Recognition” portal with your graduating senior information so we can let the gymnastics world know about your outstanding achievement.

Each Senior will be recognized at their Regional Zone Championships and at the National Championships. If you are unable to attend these competitions, NGA’s website will display you, accomplished Seniors, until the next year.

Congratulations, Seniors!

FREE—Athlete Education & Wellness Summit

NGA Education & Wellness Summit

NGA recognizes the hard-working athletes who, on a daily basis, bring their “A-Game” to training, competitions, school, and gymnastics events.

We offer many FREE participation-type sessions for our athletes at our annual Summit. We ask all athletes to register in advance to obtain the credentials necessary for admission to these wonderful educational sessions.

Bring it!


Summer Camps

Select & Premier Team Camp

From NGA National Championships



Top 10 from levels 3N/4N/GN/5N/6N/PN are named Select National Team

Additionally the next 20 (places 11-30) women’s levels 3N/4N/GN/5N/6N/PN are invited to camp.


Top 10 from levels 7N/8N/DN/9N/10N are named Premier National Team

Additionally, all women’s levels 7N-10N are invited to camp regardless of AA placement.



Top 10 Men levels 4N-10N are named Premier National Team

Additionally, all men’s levels 4N-10N are invited to camp regardless of AA placement.

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Senior Recognition

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