NGA will accept petitions to a State Championship competition for multiple reasons, including but not limited to, injury, illness, death in the family, religion, or conflicts with school functions. Please complete this form to submit a Petition Request. Petitions should be requested prior to the entry deadline for the respective State Championships (refer to your state calendar) with enough time to be reviewed and possibly approved. This Petition Form is being sent directly to the Women's National Program Director and forwarded to the appropriate State Representative for review and approval. Once the notice of petition is approved, registration can be completed. Allow a minimum of five (5) days for petition review. Please refer to the Rules & Regulations Manual for the most current qualifying score requirements for State Championships.

    Name of Competition petitioning to

    Date of Competition petitioning to

    Competition Entry Deadline Date

    Athlete's Name

    Reason for Petition

    If "Other", list below

    Athlete's NGA #

    Athlete's Birthdate

    Athlete's Age

    Athlete's Competitive Level

    Coach's Name

    Coach's Cell

    Coach's NGA Professional #

    Coach's Email

    Club Name

    Club Phone Number

    Club Address

    Club City

    Club State

    Club Zip

    Name of Sanctioned Competition

    Official Score Results from Sanctioned Competition

    VT Score

    UB Score

    BM Score

    FX Score

    AA Score

    A Licensed Medical Professional must provide written verification of illness or injury and include the release date athlete may return to gymnastics activity.

    Please specify the DATE of return to gymnastics activity as determined by the Medical Professional

    Upload a Signed Medical Declaration of injury or illness, including the release date

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