Sara was an elite gymnast in the UK, competing Internationally for Wales. After retiring from gymnastics Sara Immediately began coaching, and realized she loved coaching even more than competing. Sara worked her way through the British Gymnastics Coaching qualifications and currently holds a British Gymnastics High-Performance Coach certification. During her time coaching in the UK Sara was selected as the coach for Great Britain for International Camps in France and Romania and had several gymnasts in the British Squad.  Since moving to the U.S. Sara has been a team director and had several gymnasts invited to the U.S Development Team, multiple gymnasts at Nationals and Easterns who went on to get full-ride scholarships to college, and multiple Regional and State champions. Sara is currently the Region 6 beam coach for Developmental Camps, and a certified compulsory judge and hopes to take her level 9 judging exam in the near future. In her spare time, Sara teaches reformer Pilates and enjoys incorporating Pilates into her gymnastics training.

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