After a botched attempt at ballet class, I started gymnastics when I was 5 years old. My mom wanted a little ballerina, but I was not having it! A friend of hers offered to take me to her gymnastics facility that she owned and after that first class, I was hooked! Ever since that class, I have loved gymnastics and loved seeing so many young girls also have a passion for our sport.   I  started competing at age 7 as a Class 4 and continued to compete as a Class 1 gymnast in Region 8 through high school.  After graduating college and returning home to New Orleans, I  started coaching at my old gym. As our young team grew, so did my love for coaching. Our team and program continued to grow, and I was eventually able to coach full-time and become the program director/head coach of Elmwood Gymnastics   Academy in New Orleans, LA.   Over the last 30 years, our staff has and continues to produce many high-level and collegiate gymnasts, as well as future coaches.   Due to some health issues, I   had to step down a few years ago from my full-time position and am currently coaching part-time,   as well as choreographing floor and beam routines. My favorite events to coach are beam and floor. I love being able to create unique dance and acro series.  I am looking forward to spending time traveling to different gyms across the country and working with gymnasts and coaches who are excited to learn and grow their programs.

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